Gas and Power Shift Trader
New role - Gas and Power Shift Trader

Gas and Power Shift Trader

We have an exciting opportunity for a Power and Gas Shift Trader and Operator; based in the South East, for a young, dynamic and rapidly growing company which provides a route-to-market and asset optimisation service for all the generation assets within their Group. These currently include 250MW of diesel generation assets, and 170 MW of Gas-fired peaking plant which are optimised through the forward market, balancing mechanism, and ancillary service arrangements with National Grid. The group has an ambitious building plant program where this winter another 80MW of Gas plant will be delivered, with a further 250 MW build programme scheduled for the next couple of years. The total expansion program anticipates potentially building up to 2GW of gas fired peaking plant.

Our client has been very innovative in developing their sites and working closely with the engine manufactures, to ensure maximum flexibility. They also work very closely with National Grid to make sure that the services that are needed by National Grid are offered. As a result, they are leading the way with peaking plant in the Balancing Mechanism.

The trading team has developed highly affective trading strategies that allow them to optimise the plants in the most- effective way, ensuring market beating returns on the assets. As such the Trading team are leading experts in optimising peaking plant in the market and are also actively looking at other growth opportunities.

For more information contact Anthony or Kirsty or call +44 (0)1565 626767