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Tanker Operator

Tanker Operator

Major Responsibilities

  • Treat safety and environmental compliance as a top priority.
  • Ensure focus on commercial aspects of vessel operations.
  • Undertake voyage planning and as per company guidelines, coordinate activities and monitor their effectiveness using all means available.
  • Ensure due regard for legal, contractual and financial obligations as well as local and international regulations.
  • Assist chartering in pre fixture operations with questionnaires, loadable quantities, Optimum Service Speed according to prevailing market conditions and bunker prices ensuring compliance with various regulations, restrictions and coordinating with the Technical Manager for technical requirements.
  • Monitor bunker ROB’s, price and voyage prospects. Coordinate with freight trader to ‘Optimize’ bunker purchase.
  • Liaise with Charterers, review the recap and charterer’s instructions, and issue voyage specific instructions to ships as required. Monitor and ensure compliance with charterer’s instructions.
  • Appoint and liaise with port agents to ensure smooth operational turnaround. Review and approve port agents’ pro forma and or final disbursement as required.
  • Participate in the financial monitoring of voyage including providing input to the voyage estimation process as per company guidelines where required.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with all interested parties including vessel, Freight traders, brokers and customers.
  • Ensure proper procedures are followed with regard to handling of Bills of Lading, Letters of Indemnity, Ship-Owner’s Liability (SOL) cover for vessels deviating on loaded passage. Notices of Readiness, Notes of Protest and various other cargo related documentation.
  • Prepare, review and issue freight, dead freight, heating and other voyage related invoices and monitor receipt of such payments.
  • On completion of a voyage, review the completed voyage plan and generate a voyage report as applicable.
  • Proactively manage vessel’s speed and performance against charter party requirements and benchmarks and seek remedial actions where necessary with respective vessel managers.

  • Maintain adequate in-depth voyage records, and any other valuable information such as port or cargo issues, by all accepted documentation means including active voyage files, software tools and emails as per various company guidelines.
  • Review vetting status with Freight Trader and prioritize vetting inspections. Advise Vetting Manager to coordinate inspections accordingly.
  • Time Chartered Vessels:
  • Review, approve and issue all monthly hire statements based on records of off-hire and hire adjustments and discrepancies. In case of any direct voyage billings such as surveys, towage, additional insurance, etc, review and then submit to Regional Commercial Operations Manager for authorization of payment.
  • Review/understand charter party contract, ensure proper notices in place for delivery/ re-delivery of vessels in and out of service, and monitor vessel performance for speed, fuel consumptions, load/ discharge operations and off-hires.
  • In the case of TC – IN vessels, maintain requisite vessel information, plans, and Head Owners policies for critical operations. Liaise with Head Owners to ensure high level of service to our customers.
  • Attend vessels whenever possible within agreed overhead budget.
  • Establish relationships on operational issues with customers, brokers and agents and where possible seek to visit their offices and / or industry events in coordination with the Regional Commercial Operations Manager.
  • As deemed necessary maintain relationships and liaise with various authorities including Flag, port and harbour, etc.
  • Liaise with members of the team in order to assess that the vessels are operated in accordance with company policy.
  • Undertake other activities as may be deemed necessary by the company.

Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

  • Demonstrates analytical, problem solving and time management skills.
  • Ability to respond positively to customers in an effective manner.
  • Effective teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Results orientated.
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications.
  • Shipping experience with understanding of commercial concepts.
  • University degree in business, transportation or related field is preferred.
  • Sailing experience also preferred

For more information, please email your CV to Peter Morgan or call 01565 626 767