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Christmas Charity Info
At the end of last year we invited you to nominate charities for a donation this year. You can see them all and read more about the causes they support here. Thank you to all of you who made nominations. We have enjoyed learning about the wonderful work of these charities, many of which are new to us.
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Roundtable: Graduate Schemes for Traders
Creating a flow of incoming young talent is critical to success. The way in which companies approach, engage with, and on-board this talent requires a tailored approach that articulates the benefits of building a career in trading.
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Charity Focus: Nick Smith talks to our oldest customer
Ted Partridge is Oil Recruitment’s local British Legion representative, visiting our offices every year so that we can buy poppies from him. We’re very proud to support the British Legion as one of our nominated charities especially as Ted, aged 89, is our oldest customer!
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Work life balance or burnout - is the choice yours?
Work life balance is the thing that we all strive for. So why do so many of us end up feeling stressed and burnt out? Coach and business advisor Janice Haddon has a passion for integrating strong leadership, high performance and wellbeing into the workplace; below she looks at the mental health issues which can and do affect many people.
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A Culture of Learning
Nurturing talent is critical to organisational success and sustainability, and also to your personal career journey. Future Learn’s 2016 survey found that74% of people think training at work is essential to their development –both in their current role and to prepare them for future moves.
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How to be a STAR at Interview
At Oil Recruitment we pride ourselves on finding the right person for the right role. So once we have helped you organise an interview, how can you best prepare for your first face-to-face meeting? The Oil Recruitment team offers some tips on different interview styles and what you can expect.
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Be Your Best Professional Self
Despite the global scale of oil, gas, power and commodities we work in a finite pool of employers and employees. Therefore, whether you enjoy it or not, networking is vital. Our lubricants and fuel team offer some advice to natural and not-so-natural networkers!
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Happy staff. Happy days.
Happy staff make it a joy to come to work. This quick guide looks at the secret of happy staff and happy teams with some useful and practical tips...
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standards of behaviour
Employers should ensure that their employees are fully aware of the standards that are expected of them when they are representing the company outside of the formal workplace and the potential consequences if they fail to meet them all.
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Dressing for interview success
We may dread them, but interviews are the things that stand between where you are right now and how successfully you make your next move up the career ladder. The issue of what to wear will play such a powerful part in the hiring process.
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5 ways to remove stress when job hunting
It’s hardly surprising that many of us feel stressed out when looking for a new job. We find ourselves in a situation that involves both uncertainty and pressure. However, it is possible to manage our stress levels whilst on the hunt for work.
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Benefits for the best people
With salary becoming a 'given' part of a job, we take a look at the wider range of benefits you can create to attract that perfect candidate.
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We're all deluged with emails. However, it's possible to reduce email overload and make you - and your team - more productive.
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