How to attract the right candidate - create the right package of benefits
Benefits for the best people
Benefits for the best people

Find the best. Then what?

Find the best. Then what?

Salary is becoming much more of a 'given' for many of the really strong candidates out there.

We take a look at how to secure the right person once you've found them.

By thinking beyond salary, you show to your candidate just how much you value your people. It's these initial messages that stay with them, and will not only secure them now but get the good ones to stay too.

1. Flexible working

It’s never been easier to offer flexible working. Technology means you can access information and communicate remotely. In some cases it’s not possible (eg. legal reasons) - however, flexible working to achieve a better work/life balance has high value and is much more expected.

2. Be creative with perks

These can range from free monthly massages to paid days off for birthdays, off-site social events, charity donation matching, profit sharing and lots more. Simply use your imagination.

3. Challenge

Any candidate worth their salt wants to be challenged and really contribute. Ensure you have a robust company vision that they can buy into, and give clear goals to achieve that vision.

4. Give responsibility

Give ownership, and employees feel trusted and valued. Make it clear at interview that you have particular projects in mind and you’ll engender real enthusiasm in the right candidate.

5. Training and development

Invest in the right training, not training for training’s sake. It enables progression and doesn’t have to be accredited - it can be fulfilled in-house or involve mentoring.

6. Encourage creativity

Welcome suggestions and ideas. It’s valued, helps creativity and leads to innovation. It also gives staff a high sense of worth. To work, senior management must buy into this, be open, approachable and dedicate time to it.

More ideas on rewards and benefits may soon be coming our way from our friends in the US - take a look at some further reward ideas here.