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Happy staff. Happy days.
Happy staff. Happy days.

Five ways to happy staff

5 ways to happy staff

Happy staff make it a joy to come to work. So what’s the secret?
Is it down to pure personality?

We share our Top 5 - Practical - Tips for happiness at work.

These tips you can start using as soon as you've finished reading this article!

1. Recognise success

This is easy and is something we can all do and doesn’t cost a thing. You don’t need schemes to do this - praise is the reward. Be appreciative, give commendation, say well done. Even stronger is giving praise in front of others. As a caveat to this, be sincere!

2. Clear goals

Knowing where the company’s going and how your job contributes to it provides a sense of purpose. This may need some work. But the rewards? You’re important, you have purpose, and you have clarity. Hurrah.

3. Flexible work options

This doesn’t have to be radical. It’s about recognising the balancing act of work and home. Technology means we can work from home, so trust employees to do so. And re-think the notion of ‘full time’. Someone returning to work for 3-4 days or shorter days can bring extensive experience at less cost, so why wouldn’t you?

4. Communicate

We all know we should be doing it. The easiest thing to do? Structure it. Have regular one to ones, regular team updates, work on honest and open rapport, give constructive criticism. Note the word constructive; it has to be something the other person can positively act on. Communication is for everyone to buy into and particularly top and middle managers.

5. Big picture

Share how the company is performing, good and bad. Bring people in on the plans for now and the future. Get them involved in the vision or solution, however big or small. They’ll feel involved, valued and that they belong. And that makes people happy.

The benefits?

  • Keep good staff
  • Attract great staff
  • Lower absenteeism
  • More motivated and proactive people
  • A happier working environment
  • It makes your life easier.

So back to point one…