Oil Recruitment :: Roundtable: Graduate Schemes for Traders
Roundtable: Graduate Schemes for Traders

Roundtable: Graduate Schemes for Traders

Creating a flow of incoming young talent is critical to success. The way in which companies approach, engage with, and on-board this talent requires a tailored approach that articulates the benefits of building a career in trading.

The Oil Recruitment team recently met with a group of HR Directors from the industry to share knowledge about graduate recruitment for commodities traders. Following our discussion, here are some tips from the group on how top employers are approaching graduate recruitment and what you can expect from their programmes:

  • Employer brand:

    The best and most well-known organisations are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining their status as top employers. In the past, the top employers in the City kept a lower profile then smaller and newer businesses but that’s no longer the case with even the most prestigious companies attending graduate recruitment fairs and stepping-up their advertising.
  • Diversity and inclusion:

    As well as building the brand, engaging with graduates provides the opportunity to meet a broad range of potential candidates and to dispel any preconceptions about the business or desired candidate profiles. By meeting graduates early on in their career decision-making process, businesses can reach out to candidates that might not have otherwise considered them as an employer, therefore helping to achieve better diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • Recognising passion:

    Our group talked passionately about recognising passion in others. Although they receive a large number of strong CVs, employers are keen to find graduate candidates who are committed to a career in commodities trading and not just ‘a career in the City’ and their graduate engagement programmes are very much built around that.
  • Seamless on-boarding:

    A robust graduate scheme starts with a robust assessment and on-boarding process, and a number of our clients have invested heavily in making this experience a huge positive for candidates and the recruiting managers. As well as group and individual exercises, the most comprehensive programmes include time with current trainees and traders for participants to find out ‘what it’s really like to work here’.
  • Variety of experience:

    Once selection and offers have taken place, new joiners are moved around the business to gain the broadest experience possible, across functions including analysis, risk and operations. Work shadowing and mentoring helps accelerate the development of graduates aiming to eventually move into trading roles.
  • The retention challenge:

    High-potentials who will make the transition to junior trader may have to wait for a suitable trading role to become available. It’s therefore critical that organisations know how to engage, inspire and cultivate those at the start of their career journey.

Thank you to all our clients who participated and shared their knowledge for the benefit of our industry.